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  • looking around and getting the feeling that life was supposed to be more beautiful, vibrant, & pleasurable? 

  • craving the transformative effects of sisterhood, community, honesty, & empathy?

  • over feeling disempowered and done with accepting the lie that you are too small to effect change?

  • trying to get sober, trying to throw off the chains of diet culture, trying to say hell no brah to the legacies of cis-het white patriarchy?

  • sober, clean, recovering or even a little curious about being sober, clean and recovering?

  • not sure how to start the hard conversations you’re desperate to have?

  • a human who wants to stop apologizing for being human?

  • ready to take up more space and hold some of it for other womxn?

  • dying to move from theory to action, to hear what healing actually looks and feels like?

  • curious about the struggle, the messiness, the freedom, the activism, & the JOY of RADICAL SELF LOVE?

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